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The Square Pegs Dyslexia: what’s the story? project will capture the stories and insights of Tasmanian children and adults with dyslexia – real people, getting real about dyslexia!

Why tell stories?


Because people don’t relate to issues – they relate to other people, to their stories. Once we understand one another we can identify a shared vision for a better world and work to make it a reality.


Dyslexia if often an invisible disability and it is difficult for people to understand just how devastating it can be when a child with learning difference is not recognised and provided with the support they need to access education and reach their potential.

How do people overcome these challenges? People with dyslexia often say dyslexia makes them stronger in areas such as problem solving, creativity, leadership and big picture thinking.

This short film will explore the impact of dyslexia on school, work and life as well as consider whether participant’s successes were in spite of, or because of, dyslexia! It will provide authentic insight into the experiences of people with dyslexia and how we can best ensure that children with dyslexia are empowered to thrive.

Besides, telling stories is fun and creative! Life has enough meetings, conference calls, lectures, bullet points, and fact sheets. The plan is to keep this project as casual and comfortable as possible, perhaps by having a couple of people interviewed together in an easy, chatty format – we’re happy to accommodate whatever feels comfortable for you.

Are you up for it?


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