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Dyslexia impacts at least 10 per cent of the population. This equates to over 8,000 Tasmanian school children. Many go without recognition or support.


Literacy is an equity issue, one that is critical to the success of our students.

Because of the lack of awareness in the community and the variable availability of timely assessments and intervention in the education system, many students with dyslexia are denied their right to an equal education.


It is not only critical that we help for their sake but also ours, as these children represent our future innovators, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

To continue our work to raise awareness, provide family support, training and resources we need your support! 


Currently, we are looking for individuals and organizations who would like to join us in our mission to level the playing field for ALL students with dyslexia, regardless of
socio-economic status.

Our capacity to deliver projects relies on our hard working volunteers, fundraising activities and your generous donations. We do not receive Government funding.


All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Click the button to make a

one-offdonation or head to our membership page for an ongoing


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Partner with Square Pegs

Contact us if you are interested becoming a partner.

Your support will help fund:

  • Scholarships for Dyslexia Empowerment students;

  • Teacher/Parent Workshops

  • Programming for Dyslexia Empowerment Programmes; and

  • Dyslexia awareness.  |  0400 848 661

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