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Square Pegs

Square Pegs is a not for profit association, started in 2013 by two concerned parents passionate about improving outcomes for children with dyslexia.

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Our Team

Our volunteer Board is made up of parents, teachers, academics, medical and allied health professionals, including adults with dyslexia. Learn more about our team...


Square Pegs vision is for all children to enjoy learning and reach their potential.


Our mission is to improve recognition, understanding and action to empower children with dyslexia and related learning differences in Tasmania.

Our Patron

We are thrilled to have the support of Professor Rufus Black, Vice Chancellor of the University of Tasmania. Learn more about our Patron...

Through your raising awareness of dyslexia you've made a huge difference to my son's life. After 8 years of teachers telling me "he'll be right" and "no need to worry" your ad in the school newsletter grabbed my attention. My son has now been diagnosed with dyslexia and has commenced intense intervention programs including qualifying for support sessions at school and privately. He'll be so much better prepared for High School next year. But most importantly his self esteem has sky rocketed. He's not dumb after all.”

Miriam, 2015


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