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Board Member: Amanda Norgaard
Close-up of a woman with very curly, dark hair and wearing glasses is looking at the camera, smiling.

Amanda is a mum of three kids, all of whom are deliciously dyslexic! She has a small practice in delivering valid, evidence-based literacy intervention (MSL), and is a passionate Square Pegs board member and advocator for change.


“My relationship with dyslexia deepened in 2012, about a year after my eldest son was formally identified as dyslexic. After coming to the realisation he was at high risk of ‘falling through the education cracks,’ I shut down my small, part-time practice in allied health and using my undergrad degree in biomedical science as a launch pad, gained my Associate Accreditation as an Orton Gillingham trained, MSL educator and Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) Associate Member (AMADA).


Since 2012, my three children and I have worked very hard to ensure they are able to access their grade level curriculums, are engaged fully in their learning and can reach their true potential. ​


My decision to gain qualifications in literacy intervention was initially to help my own children. However, my resolve to build greater community understanding with regards to dyslexic learners, including their often-overlooked strengths, has carried me to a place where I now help other dyslexic learners on their journeys towards literacy and academic success and hopefully, greater understanding and appreciation of themselves as divergent thinkers.”


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