Support Networks

Get together with other parents and educators to have a chat, access resources and discuss how, together, you can make a difference and help ensure children with dyslexia in your local area are on a positive pathway.


Please get in touch with a network coordinator close to you if you would like to participate in local catch-ups or information sessions.


Or, if you would like to start a local group, we can help you with resources and topics.

Parent Support Network Contacts


Meetings are free for Square Pegs members. Come along and see what you think. Following your first meeting, non-members $5.00.


If you're interested in starting a local group, contact our Square Pegs squarepegstas@gmail.com.

See our events page for upcoming meeting dates.

Become a member.


About local networks


Local parent and educator networks offer a chance to learn from others as well as share your experience, knowledge, fears and ideas…


Square Pegs provides local coordinators with support and resources to establish a Square Pegs Network and will also cover some out-of-pocket expenses for each group.


As a network co-ordinator, you role could include:

  • finding a venue;

  • establishing a calendar for meetings and organising refreshments;

  • maintaining a library of resources, provided by Square Pegs;

  • forwarding parent questions, ideas or concerns to the Square Pegs committee; and

  • contributing ideas and feedback on how we can improve our resources to meet parent needs.


Network coordinators must be members of Square Pegs to ensure coverage under our Public Liability and Volunteer Personal Accident insurance.


Beyond this, we encourage parent networks to be self-governing and to develop a format that suits the group.


If you are interested in joining or helping to organise a group in your region, please get in touch.

It’s not easy to be the parent of a vulnerable child, particularly a child with a hidden disability that can escape diagnosis…but the reality is that in the overwhelming number of cases, the only way things will improve is if a knowledgeable and caring adult takes the lead and actively creates change. Most of the time it is a patient, persevering and ‘activist’ parent.”


Sally Shaywitz M.D.

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