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Sam's story...


Sam has always loved books. But it is only in the last year or two (at the age of nineteen) that he has actually finished reading a novel. While Sam has an imagination like no one else I know, dyslexia meant that reading was hard work. Although he would often start a book (usually something really ambitious), he would rarely get to the end.


When he was younger, Sam and I spent hours reading together (Horrendous Hiccup was a particular favourite). And he has found other ways to access information, in particular through film. As a result he has a fantastic vocabulary and knows lots of interesting history.

Over the years, through continued effort, Sam’s reading has improved. He has developed an insatiable curiosity for the world and its workings. He is interested in politics, history, culture and language.


He often says “I have an idea for a book” and goes on to tell me a wonderful story, usually something that displays incredible empathy for the human experience. Sam is now at University, studying arts and law, both subjects brimming with words. And, while it may still take a little longer for him to plough through a novel or research an essay, he relishes the opportunity to learn, he’s succeeding and he still loves a good story!

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