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Pippa's story

As Pippa slipped further and further behind in reading compared to her expected reading age, we knew something was amiss and suspected she was dyslexic. After the usual tussle with the school, which unfortunately all parents of dyslexic kids seem to experience, they finally agreed to have her tested.

Pippa’s dyslexia diagnosis has been a relief and a positive step forward. It has allowed us to work with the school, creating a learning plan that gives her extra tools and allowances when dealing with literacy tasks. She has also been given access to some amazing technology via specific apps and is currently learning to touch type.

Pippa moves to high school next year. And even though things are about to get harder, she is going into grade 7 with confidence. She knows that she is smart, a great communicator and competent. Her brain just processes language differently and needs a few extra tools to navigate her through the school years. 

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