Dyslexia...what's the story?

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month


To raise awareness Square Pegs members will be sharing our stories.


It is important that children with dyslexia (and their parents) know that they are not along. We have discovered that there is more than one way to peel a potato - more than one way for a brain to be wired, more than one way to read a book, more than one way to show what you know) and it's great to learn from the experience of others.


And we'd love to hear your story!


  • What has your school experience been (the good, the bad and the ugly)? 

  • When did you find out you had dyslexia?

  • Who was the person who made a difference to you?

  • What helped/is helping you to get through and where are you at now?

  • Who is your inspiration?

  • What is your super-power?


Video, audio, writing, graphic...it doesn't matter how. Submit your story and go into the draw for a fantastic prize!


Submit your story to squarepegstas@gmail.com

Educating Students with Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties (A) ESM740
Provider - University of Tasmania

This unit focuses on the nature of dyslexia and the characteristics of students with this and other specific learning difficulties. Models and theories to explain normal development in language literacy and numeracy skills and how learners may differ will be analysed. Educational programming implications, such as learning environment organisation, the role of ICT/AAC in the screening and teaching of pupils with specific learning difficulties, and principles of staff development for an inclusive curriculum will be explored.


The unit will culminate in the construction and evaluation of a structured, sequential, multisensory teaching program to meet specific needs in learning literacy and numeracy within the context of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). This course contributes to the Grad Cert in Inclusive Practices.

For more information contact Dr Christopher Rayner - christopher.rayner@utas.edu.au

Institute for Multisensory Language Education

For more information visit the IMSLE website: dates and locations around Australia.



TSD1 Teaching Students with Dyslexia, Level 1


An Introduction to Dyslexia and Evidence Based Multisensory Teaching for Teachers, Support Staff, Parents and Tutors.


Presented by Bill Hansberry, Karen Hodson and Sally Andrew.

Our Lady of Grace School, Beadnall St, Glengowrie, SA.

COST: $850 (inc. GST) 

For more information...