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Square Pegs is a registered charity that has achieved a lot in its first few years of operation.


Started by Amelia Jones and Georgina Porter in response to the huge gap in local information, support and services, the team has quickly grown to include a dedicated group of parents, educators, academics, medical and allied health professionals (including a number of adults with dyslexia themselves).


With a strong base of financial members and hundreds of interested friends we are growing a strong community of interest around the State, with the common goal of ensuring children with dyslexia no longer fall through the gaps.

Our Board


Amelia Jones, Chairperson


Kathryn Van Dal, Secretary and Deputy Chairperson


Dr Kate McIntyre, Parent and Strategic Partnerships


Annie Abbott, Treasurer

“My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago and the Square Pegs website was recommended to me by a friend. It was a great source of information and I am proud to be part of the team in 2021. I am the newest member of Square Pegs, in the role of Treasurer. I am a qualified Accountant working in Project Management with Communities Tasmania…" READ MORE

Harriet Fitzgerald, Parent and Accredited MSL Therapist

“I am a mother to 3 boys, the youngest of which is dyslexic. I’m an MSL educator, accredited ADA Associate Member (AMADA), Orton Gillingham trained, and a small business owner.

Since my son was identified as dyslexic in early 2016, I have learnt as much as I can about dyslexia..." READ MORE

Dr Judith Hudson, Ambassador 

"Dyslexia should not be an impediment, or something to hide, because once children fall behind many don’t ever catch up - in school, or in life. Square Pegs aims to not only raise awareness and profile, but to also support families and advocate for changes in education and teaching, and to ensure that every child with dyslexia reaches their full potential. 

I am so proud to be an appointed Ambassador of Square Pegs. Dyslexia must be celebrated and the many strengths that it can bring need to be recognised and appreciated." READ MORE

Amanda Norgaard, Parent and Accredited MSL Therapist

“My decision to gain qualifications in literacy intervention was initially to help my own children. However, my resolve to build greater community understanding with regards to dyslexic learners, including their often-overlooked strengths, has carried me to a place where I now help other dyslexic learners on their journeys…” READ MORE


Our Network Group Coordinators


Amanda Norgaard, Hobart Network Coordinator


Samantha Lapidge, Kingston Network Coordinator


Clare Weare, Launceston Network Coordinator


Our Goals for Change


Research shows that the techniques best suited to embracing dyslexic children’s learning differences, benefit all children in the classroom!


More importantly, embracing learning differences will help reduce the stress and barriers faced by our children which, if not addressed, could result in significant social costs and an opportunity cost to our community.


Square Pegs is asking the Government to make dyslexia a high priority on the national agenda through the following:


1. Greater recognition and awareness of dyslexia in the education system.


2. Appropriate pre-service training and professional development for teachers in evidence based teaching of reading, teaching for differentiation and multisensory instruction.


3. Early identification and effective early intervention for children identified ‘at risk’ of reading difficulties through introduction of the phonics screener.


4. Ensuring that students with dyslexia receive sufficient funding to provide appropriate learning support and reasonable adjustments.


5. Provision of specialist dyslexia teachers at the third level of intervention (response to intervention model).

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